Welcome To Aesthetx

Dr. Zeidler,  Dr. BerkowitzDr. Hausauer, and the multi-specialty physician team at Aesthetx, believe that the most successfully planned and constructed structures are those that endure the tests of time. It’s a philosophy that they apply to plastic surgery and dermatology; the most exquisite results can only come from a great understanding and respect of your anatomy. Your body should not be altered, but rather, rebuilt.

Aesthetx stems from this strong foundation: state-of-the-art, scientifically proven technology; a successful partnership between pioneers in the field of plastic surgery and procedural dermatology; and aesthetic philosophy that values natural, long-lasting results. Drs. Zeidler and Berkowitz are renowned plastic surgeons in their respective fields, and together, they founded a plastic surgery practice made to uphold the highest standards in medicine.  They welcome the addition of dermatologist Dr. Hausauer, an innovator in her own right, as a way to expand the scope of Aesthetx to become a preeminent comprehensive cosmetic practice in the nation.

“You, Only Better” – it’s our guiding principle. Selected because we believe our plastic surgery and dermatology results should ultimately reflect how each patient feels about themselves; each patient should look in the mirror and see a more confident, bolder self. We believe that your treatment should go beyond standard techniques—at Aesthetx, it will be truly exceptional and unique to you.