Quarantine skincare 101

Quarantine skincare 101

Quarantine skincare 101

With shelter-in-place, there has been more time for introspection and a renewed interest in well-being. For some, quarantine has pulled us in many directions - remote work, homeschooling and more. For others, it has been a time of solitude and unknown. But in these few extra moments, many have found time to reflect on their goals and rededicate to caring for their bodies. Learning a scientifically-backed, well-rounded skin care routine has been on many people’s minds. We recognize that there are endless choices and it is often confusing deciding which, where and when, so it is our goal to make these selections easier by not only offering well-vetted products but also dermatologist created packages that range from basic to complex for oily and dry skin. 

Are you an Aesthetx Minimalist who wants the fundamentals of protecting and rejuvenation in as few steps as possible? Essentially, the t-shirt and jeans of skin care. 

Or maybe an Aesthetx Professional who wants the basics and beyond to protect, rejuvenate, rebuild and plump? The outfit gets far more than the job done, it’s always in trend and always put together. 

Or finally, the Aesthetx Overachiever who wants a regimen that does-it all and then some? Always from head to toe the full package - heels, ties, every accessory in place.

Note that all of these packages include medical-grade skincare brands, which go  a step above and are distinguished by the fact that:

  1. Contain key ingredients that have undergone rigorous scientific study with good usually published clinical data
  1. Pay special attention to formulation and delivery of these products, so that the right products get to the right places in your skin.
  2. Do double duty by serving multiple functions at one time. For example, Alastin Restorative Daily Complex contains peptides that help clear out old collagen and elastic fibers while promoting the production of new, healthier ones but it also contains antioxidants and moisturizers. This allows you to eliminate certain steps when going through your skin care routine - thus giving you more bang for your buck.

They also all include the three of the most rigorously studied and highest yield products with the addition of other plumping, rebuilding and rejuvenating items added (peptides and hyaluronic acid):

Sunscreen: Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily with a minimum SPF of at least 30, though data suggests the higher the better to prevent skin cancer (all of the sunscreens at Aesthetx have SPF >40), is the first line of defense. It is critical to apply every day, even if it’s cloudy, even if you’re indoors because the damaging longer ultraviolet (UV) sunrays penetrate through glass. Additionally, more and more evidence suggests that heat and blue light from our devices can further damage the skin leading to pigmentation and premature aging, so a sunscreen that contains antioxidants that shields against these is now more critical than ever. Some of our favorites are the EltaMd Elements and Replenish and Skinbetter Science Stick or compact. For those with acne prone skin or who want a lighter formulation, EltaMD clear is a pleaser.

Retinoids: This category of products included over-the-counter retinols and prescription strength versions like tretinoin, which are 20x stronger. They help combat acne as well as improve pigmentation and boost collagen production to smooth fine lines. Skinbetter Science AlphaRet is a unique product because it combines the prescription strength tretinoin with lactic and glycolic acid to give you more anti-aging while minimize dry skin and irritation that usually accompany these products. It’s the first new retinoid in 2 decades, now that is cutting-edge science. 


Antioxidants: Usually plant-derived like the most well-known vitamin C, this is a huge category of ingredients that act as skin protectors. They essentially make your sunscreen more effective by helping prevent and repair DNA damage. Free radicals are loose molecules created by environmental stressors (UV, smoking, light from all that extra screen time lately) and natural wear and tear. Antioxidants help fend off and neutralize these stressors from impacting your skin. And since they all work slightly differently, choosing a product with a high number of well-studied antioxidants is best. We can’t get enough of Skinbetter Science Alto Defense Serum which is more than just vitamin C. It contains 19 different in total. Also, note most of the Alastin products have antioxidants included so you get additional benefits.


These are just some fundamental tools to help you start your complexion journey, but consultations with Dr, Hausauer and the Aesthetx team can create a highly customized plans that address your specific concerns and helps you fit this into a well-rounded aesthetic plan including a balance of at-home skin care and in-office procedures